Tlusty promised footballer Baros 10 millions czk, never gave them

Another scandal drifted out in the Morava – Tlusty – ODS case. The truth came out from one hidden camera scene. Tlusty, who tried to make a trap for his colleagues at the ODS has been too relaxed with the tv Nova reporters and said how it was with the billboards.

Vlastimil Tlusty admitted, he promised the footballer Martin Baros for his support of the ODS a donation of 10 millions czk for a youth football academy in Vigantice. From the state budget of course.

Baros have never seen the promised amount. Tlusty as the finance minister didn’t give him a penny, and when he for fired from the minister’s post, Topolanek gave him nothing too. Baros called him a half a year after, only to found out Tlusty basically tricked him.

Baros didn’t care for the source of money, but at least he didn’t plan to keep the money, but to transfer it to the boy’s football club. The one who used his popularity and didn’t pay was Tlusty.


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