Black Box Revelation in Prague

In their music, there is an echo of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones or The Stoogers and even when in the golden times of garage rock even their parents weren’t alive, their records are devoted to the style and sharp. They are similar to The White Stripes in the respect they manage solely with the guitar and drums.

Their cheeky and casual style of the singer resembles a blend of Mike Jagger and Iggy Pop, but they are too young to be blamed they are simply retro. Rock’n‘roll in their presentment is not burdened with usual genre cliches, their music is young and fresh rebel music.

Their album with the song I Think I Like You became respected by radio stations, so if they keep up, they will be soon among the well known groups of our time. You can hear them this Friday 19th September in Palac Akropolis in Prague.


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