Tlusty doesn't have to leave the ODS

The plan of the ODS bosses, who want to get rid of the provoking parliamentary Tlusty have been pulled back. The regional committee of the ODS debated the matter yesterday, and they gave support to Tusty.

Tlusty hasn’t won yet, one more committee has to debate his presence in the government. The problem is, that by this act the ODS have clearly expressed they do not care about the public. And the public will soon pay back; preferences of the ODS have fallen even more.

The government of Mirek Topolanek originated last year in January. Since then, they started to lose their supporters. Those 32,2 they got two years ago became history. The opposite CSSD have improved by 11% . How the elections would fall out according to STEM agency:

CSSD: 32,6%
ODS: 22,3%
KSCM: 11,8%
SZ (The Greens): 8,4%
KDU-CSL: 5,9%

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