Charles Bridge myth is soon going to be Busted ... or proven True.

Do you know the old Prague legend? Charles IV. ordered to add egg yolks to enrich the mortar used to bind the stone blocks to make it harder. Now, when the 15th century dominant of Prague is being reconstructed, we will soon find out the truth.

Charles Bridge Museum manager Stepan Rusak promises: “The most modern analysis of lime mortar will, first time in history, reveal the truth of this famous legend.” The new exposition of Charles Bridge opens in a month, 15th October. And… as you can guess, we will have to go the exhibition first to know the truth. But we will tell you, don’t worry.

The exposition is, above all, going to remind the complete history of the bridge, with all the repairs, and historic events connected to it. The midpoint of the exhibition is a newly made model of the bridge in 14th century, depicting its building, material transport, building machines and even 350 workmen.


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