Masarykovo Nadrazi in Prague Confirmed to End

Prague Representatives have approved those 43 changes in the territorial plan, which mean actual end of Masarykovo Nadrazi as a railway station. The areas which are taken by the track will be changed into locations of parks and houses. The new ground plan also counts with prolonging the metro A to the Airoport Ruzyne and revitalization of brownfields.

Masarykovo Nadrazi is intended to change slowly in order not to harm its historical value, the whole process is take about ten years. The debates about future use of the protected buildings are still going on, as the most probable seems the museum of industrial revolution. The trains will move to Nadrazi Holesovice and Hlavni Nadrazi.

The infamous railway station Nadrazi Zizkov is being turned into something more respectable already, the station Smichovske Nadrazi is being slightly modified, but the original purpose is still kept.

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