Russia Threatens Czech Republic Again

Russian gain of confidence brings another verbal assaults. Meanwhile the ‘Threatening General’ Jurij Balujevskij was removed from position for his famous quote that Russia will target missiles at the CR, the second one to say the same, Putin, of course stayed where he is. The third to threaten was Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s emissary to NATO.

“The Czech Government have sold safety of their people for a new toy – the anti-air defense … there is no difference between defence and offence systems. Russia of course has to react to this new unfriendly reality.” (source: CTK)

The Czech Foreign ministry speaker Zuzana Opletalova stated they are not going to react, because: “it is still the same virtual game.”

Russia now watches us, as the final part of our agreement about the USA soldiers stay at the Czech ground, SOFA, is to be signed. Meanwhile Czech authorities do not wish to provoke Russia, Condoleezza Rice commented upon their behaviour: using oil and gas as a weapon, threatening with nuclear attack, selling weapons to countries like Iran, persecution of the dissident and press. She summarized the overall Russian attitude as “increasingly authoritarian within and aggressive abroad.”


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