AutoMat in Streets of Prague Again

Thousands of people headed to the happening event, aimed for leaving the frequented streets to pedestrians and cyclists. The European week of mobility so culminated to its end.

Those who came to the space between The Café Slavia and Rudolfinum could see a unique view: the street looked lie a hundred years ago; no cars.

As the Auto*Mat initiative organizes those protest rides annually, they can balance, and so they made a report for Prague. The councilman Radovan Steiner who is responsible for traffic in Prague put some changes through, but according to Auto*Mat not enough.

Auto*mat representatives stated that there is not present the necessary political will for solution of the problems – “The traffic solutions which are put through were common in Europe thirty years ago.” said Krivohlavek. It lowers the quality of life, as to go anywhere by bicycle is dangerous, and so Prague is often jammed.


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