Capek and Filla changed Owners Again

To their new owners moved the classic pieces of Czech art avant-garde, which appeared in auction in Prague in short time again. The painting by Josef Capek, Koupel nohou or “The Foot Bath” sold for 7,9 millions czk. The starting price was five millions. It is a lot, but still, in 2006 the same picture was sold for 9,3 million crowns and made a record for the most expensive Czech artpiece sold in auction in 2006.

Because it was listed by the National Gallery as a piece of Czech cultural heritage, its new owner – the American collector Peter Schwartz – was not allowed to take it outside the country. The most expensive artpiece of yesterday’s auction became the painting of Josef Sima ‘Leda s labuti’, which sold for 14,6 millions czk. The starting price was 2,8 millions.

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