Topolanek: Bem goes against me

The crisis of ODS continues. The Tlusty scandalous case wasn’t probably enough – Topolanek sharply attacked the Prague Mayor Bem yesterday. Bem is, according to Topolanek, the one who in long-term intricates against him. “Those people are united in the idea of coalition with socialists, they basically hate the three-coalition project” Topolanek stated. Bem sharply refuses it. According to him ODS is in bad condition and similar quarrels are not healthy.

Mirek Topolanek also stated during live transmission Bem has been negating everything he has been trying to get through. Than he added, Bem with Tlusty would probably like to make a coalition with the CSSD. Even when they became reconciled at the end of the debate, one question is still in the air: if Topolanek will be shoot down, will Bem replace him? And if not, will Bem eventually go against him to became the prime minister? That is what Topolanek probably fears.

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