Martha Rosler in Prague Gallery Langhans

Langhans Gallery Prague presents the photographic art of Martha Rosler. The well-known American painter, photographer, activist, essayist and teacher, is known and considered to be one of the most influential persons of political and feminist-oriented art in America and Europe.

The exhibition in Langhans Gallery contributes to the debate about the role of art in society. Rosler redefines context of the social space, and traditionally puts in question of social, gender and power inequality.

Rosner is not concerned solely with photography, as she works with all available media ; among her favorites are film and video, slide projection, installation, performance, and political events. She is also known as an author of critical essays focusing on role of females and culture in everyday life.

The picture on the left is called Hothouse or Harem. Martha Rosler in Prague Gallery Langhans until 9th November 2008.


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