Narodni Trida Station is going to be Closed

The last blank spot at Narodni Trida is to disappear. The Town hall have taken the pre-steps already; first, the kiosks were moved, followed by the benches. The place has always been swarming with homeless, so they just sit on the ground. Than, the new public notice banning public drinking at chosen areas came out. Now, the surroundings of the station Narodni Trida are clean, and the developer is ready.

The metro station will be closed, as on the top of it is the new centre Copa Centra going to appear. It will be accessible from Spalena, Purkynova, Vladislavova, Charvatova streets, from the Tesco market, and from Metro B station Narodni trida. The business-administrative-residential centre is financed by Sebastian Pawlowski and the price will be approximately 160 000 000 €, the developer also invest into the metro station.

That the station will be closed for possibly 16 months have already aroused displeasure of Prague citizens and a few thousands of them have signed a petition against the metro station closure. The Prague Public Transport company defends the station needs reconstruction anyway.


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