Germany going to lend the originals of Munich Agreement

From signing of Munich Agreement in 1938 The idea of the The National Museum in Prague, to bring all the original four papers of Munich agreement to Prague is going to be taken through.

At the basis of the document, which was sign in 1938 by Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain, Czechoslovakia had to resign and give over the area of Sudety.

Czechoslovak representatives weren’t present at the discussion. They were only recommended to accept it. Winston Churchill commented it by saying: “Mr. Chamberlain had a choice between war and dishonor. He chose dishonor. He will get war.” Czechoslovakia lost its political potential and Hitler gained area of border fortresses without fight.

According to information of Cesky Rozhlas the German side agreed to lend the original papers after long negotiations. Andres Peschke, the speaker of the ministry said: “The fact that we decided to borrow the documents to Prague demonstrates, how well the Czech Republic and Germany goes along with each other now.”


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