Topolanek asked to be less offensive by ODS

Hospodarske noviny informed about wild Monday discussion of the ODS, where the party asked their boss Mirek Topolanek to stop in ‘offensive and non-proved attacks’ on the Prague unit.

The group points to Topolanek’s quote, when he claimed Bem is the one who in long-term intricates against him.

Topolanek also said for HN that connection of business with politics is the most notable in the Prague ODS unit. Which is under Bem’s lead.

Disputes among Topolanek and Prague Mayor Bem have gone harder when the Morava-Tlusty case came out. A month before the elections the main government side still struggles with it; the leaders of ODS try to get Tlusty out of the ODS, but ‘his’ regional ODS stood by him.

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