STB Interrogation Presentation to the EU Chairmanship

How are going the Czechs advertise their chairmanship of the EU? By a controversial art project and bizarre trip to the recent communist past.

The project of various artists, with Cerny in their lines which is going to embellish the main debating building in Brussels. The top-secret project leaks a little, so we know what the setting is; “What is the future of the Earth”. It is said that in their visions, the Netherlands are under the sea, from which, only the tops of mosques peer.

The artist group Spolecnost Opona prepares a project the Circus of Totality, with which the participants are going to go through the whole totalitarian Europe. A part of the drive simulator is going to be Trenazer Toatality (The Totalitarian Simulator), which is a space devoted to totalitarian procedures and tactics.