Strings of Autumn – Music festival in Prague comes nearer

Music festival bringing various top musicians of different genres is going to appear this autumn again. This year is going to be the 13th volume.

The festival tearing down the walls between genres, connecting seemingly unconnectable musical worlds, this year comes with a new project called Spotlight, aimed to new stars in the music world. As the first from the hopeful talents to 25 years will be introduced the multi percussionist from Austria Martin Grubinger.

The whole festival, which unites the world of jazz, world music, classical and the so called old music, is going to be opened by the significant Russian sopranist Irina Lungu, who in 2003 debuted on the stages of La Scala. Strings of Autumn Information here.

Concerts selection
9/28 – Irina Lungu
10/11 – Chava Alberstein and guests
10/19 – Julia Fischer
10/21,22 – Lenak Dusilova
11/1 – Les Arts Florissants
11/19 Joel Frederiksen
11/8,10 – Martin Grubinger


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