The Greens compelled Chinese delegates

The Chinese delegation watched Czech parliament discussions for only a few minutes. The protest against reckless disregard of human rights in Tibet took place directly in front of them. Two important representatives of the Greens walked to them and displayed Tibetan flag. The Chinese have immediately lift and left the parliament. The Chinese ambassador Huo Yuzhen said to had been surprised and disgusted.

The Greens see it different – the parliament agreed on their declaration where they agree to appeal to China to release political and religious prisoners and stopping their persecution. “We have agreed that while in contact with China representatives we are going to allude preservation of human rights and Tibet problematics. We kept up the promise.” the vice-chairman of the Greens Katerina Jacques stated. She held one side of the flag – the opposite side held the education minister Pavel Liska. Quite probably it was the same flag which the Chinese saw last time and they weren’t happy either.