Prague celebrations in Historical way – mead, lutes

Karel IV. Arrives to Vysehrad – the Kralovodvorske slavnosti (princely court celebrations) end the season of New Town foundation festivities. There will be of course jugglers, conjurors, freelance actors and knights. All these are going to Vysehrad this Saturday.

Since 10 am in the morning, the visitor can watch medieval dances, fencing or troubadour performations. There will even be a medieval ale-house with traditional snacks. The whole action ends by a fireshow in 18:30.

Kralovodvorske slavnosti is one of the events, where we look at our long past from its bright side, and simply have fun. Those are special in that respect few other events have all the age groups having fun together. Families with kids, youth, adults, old fellows. Come have fun to Vysehrad! On 4th October 2008, 10 am – 6:30 pm


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