Prague Hepatitis A Epidemic getting worse

Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague is still getting stronger, there is the most people got sick in nine years. “the situation is not calm, fortunately not critical either” the main health officer Vit calms us down. Numbers of infected should according to him grow until he beginning of November.

The situation is the worst in the lat nine years. Until now, 602 were diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Last week, the number was 374. Among the most infected districts are Prague and middle Bohemia.

In contrast to last years, most of the patients is not among children. The most affected demographic groups are adults among 20-45 years, by reason that the epidemic started among Prague drug addicts, more specifically Russian drug addicts.
Compared to last years, the hepatitis spread quite fast – Prague run out of vaccinations right now, there should be enough next week.


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