Czech National Technical Museum Reconstruction

The National Technical museum at Letna has changed quite a lot by its last reconstruction. The visitors have a lot to look forward to – among others for spaces, which have never been publicly accessible. Levels, which were for many years occupied by interior and defense ministers and cartographers.

The museum has been closed for two years now. The first visitors can come in probably in September 2010 at the 100th anniversary of its opening. The reconstruction worth 600 millions czk aims to return the building its later-functionalist shape, given to it in 30’s by the architect Milan Babuska, and lately changed by the communists.

The museum has over 800 archive funds, wide set of photographs, designs and graphics. The specialized technical library has over 200t volumes of technical literature. The collection jewels are e.g. the Spitfire used by Czech pilots during WWII, and a plane from 1911, with which the first long-distance flight over the Czech land was made.



  1. Michael Carøe Andersen said, Oct 3, 12:01 PM #

    The way I understand the museums own website ( is that they will start to gradually open in autumn 2008 and open everything in 2010

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