Emmons was pregnant when she won Olympic Gold

The Czech shooter, who won gold medal in the women’s 10 metre air rifle competition at the summer Olympics in Peking has been pregnant during the competition. Why we didn’t knew it? As she says, it shouldn’t be said before the first three months. She also says she is going to come back to shooting, in a year, in a year and a half. But everything will be different.

First, when she comes back, she will be a mother. Second, her coach and father Petr Kůrka is the coach of the Australians. But Katerina says, she is not a little girl anymore and that phone contact should be enough. And the baby? Whether it will be a boy or a girl, she with her husband Matthew Emmons haven’t revealed yet. And whether the little one will be a shooter, like the parents and their parents? “We will leave it on him to decide” The future mother says.

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