NHL 2008

nhlpraguelogo Tomorrow in Prague and Stockholm starts the new NHL season. The Czech fan will have to get used to two missing Czech legends – Jaromir Jagr moved to Russia and Dominik Hasek retired and returned home. The question is, which of their fellow countryman will attract the most attention? Elias, Hemsky, Sykora, Plekanec, or somebody else? Let’s get surprised.

The battle of Stanley Cup starts once again. The battle, where you can watch Sidney Crosby to again play up to the words about new Gretzky. You can watch Alexander Oveckin shoot one goal after another. Who may become the new Jagr? Maybe Patrik Elias? Or possibly, if in good health, Martin Havlat? It can also be be Ales Hemsky, about whom Joe Sakic said he has more tricks than Jager up his sleeve?

The drama is at O2 Arena in Prague.

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