Zizkov Tower Upgrade This Monday

enlightened zizkov tower This Monday the show with Zizkov tower starts. Prepare for blockade of surrounding streets and also for unusual sight. The action takes place on Monday 8th and it will be something that could fit into a Hollywood blockbuster, as the new tip of the tower will be brought on the spot by the Russian helicopter Ka-32, with two machines and maximum load of 12 700 kg.

Reasons for such a complicated upgrade? The Czech republic television finally changes to digital broadcasting. That asks for an upgrade of the broadcasting device, in this case the Zizkov Tower, which is not only a postmodern architectonical jewel, but also the source for TV broadcast for whole Prague.

The flying derrick is to replace the antenna during the day, providing there will be weather for it.In the case of wind, the streets surrounding will stay closed also on Tuesday. For those, who wish to watch the antenna replacement: The best places to watch it are Vitkov and Parukarka.


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