Czech Logistic problems in Afghanistan

The main car used in Afghanistan by the Czech Army is Dingo. The German armored vehicle with a machine gun on its roof costs 1,1 million € and has problems with going up a hill. The official name of the machine is Dingo 2 CZ 4×4 LOV and it should provide Czech soldiers in Afghanistan higher security. But until now, it only makes them angry, or it can even put them in danger.

Lidove noviny informed about the problems the army live through every day – the Dingo struggles with low performance, plus it is hard for it to keep up in a convoy going 60 km/h. Everyone, who work with Dingos, either complain about its low performance or high sensibility at oil kinds.

Put simply, Dingos have problem with going on the diesel which is available on the base, and which is normally used by the US army and on which the Humvee cars, South African RG-31 or Cougar cars go.

The Czech ministry of defence have ordered tests, whether the Dingos need more quality oil to run. In that case it would be much complicated than to take oil from the Americans.


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