Stock theft worth 300 millions

It is the second biggest theft in the history of the very Czech Republic. Thieves have stolen from hotel Olympic a strongbox with stocks of Hotel Olympik in total value over 300 millions czk. In addition, they took cash in various currencies worth over 1 million czk.

“The stocks are not digitally coded, they are only in its paper form” the leader of the company Sos described for MF Dnes. According to him the funds are worthless for thieves. Sos also appealed to to the potential investors not to buy the stolen stocks.

The thieves got into the hotel at about 10 o’clock. Opened the doors of the manager’s office and took the strongbox, and carried it out in a blanket or a sheet. The employees took notice of them and even seize d one of them. The police took information from his ID, but because he wasn’t carrying anything they released him.

They quite probably didn’t know about the stocks, and the theft wasn’t anything like the Czech theft of the century, where they took 564 Millions CZK (20,14 millions €) cash, leaving no track.


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