Comics master of underground perversion Crumb in Prague

the favorite Crumb's motive - this time with clothes Robert Crumb comes to the Festival of writers 2009. He is one of the most open artists of the 20th century and what he started to create in 1960’s still has problems with people not accepting it. (With today tendencies for political correctness even maybe more ppl than in 60’s)

Crumb in 60’s came with a genial idea how to get tabooed themes to public – because everything coming out of official distribution was auto-censored, they founded their own distribution net including shops. Crumb himself made the cult comics Zap, and put the base theme in: do whatever you want.

The other guests of the writer’s festival Praha 2009 are the French poet of Syria origin writing under pseudonym Adonis and an important Danish poet Inger Christensen. They are both being discussed as possible gainers of the Nobel prize.

The literary festival takes place in Prague from 7 – 11 June. Discussion forum are going to focus especially on literature of the old worlds of Arabia and China with the leitmotiv :”the art of the story”