The USA to abolish Visas for Czechs?

Many Czechs have waited a long time for that – to go the USA without visa is like music to the ear. The contract of relations dispensing with visas is going to be signed by the American minister of interior security Michael Chertoff. He should appear in Prague in October, the visa abolishment should start to be valid on 17th November. The date was selected as symbolic, so the visa requirement of visa will go down on the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which meant fall of Communist regime.

What is visa abolishment going to mean for Czechs? No more humiliating waiting in queue in front of the American Embassy for many hours and days, and no more paying of the fee of about 2 227 czk. Instead of that, only one online form will need to be filled in. The USA authorities are going to check it and respond in three days.

After Canada abolished visa requirement, this would be another powerful country sealing our cooperation by trust.