Beh Kancelarskych Krys - Pencil Pusher Race in Prague

The unorthodox spectacle opens again! The visitors of the Prague 1 centre will be able to see clerks in suits, with a mobile phone and a folder in their hand, the fifth volume of the Kancelarskych krys run takes place!

The race is not only a sporting event, but a social event too. Representatives of different companies and institutions compete in file and folder-throwing, slalom on office chairs, and rope-climbing in a spirit of fun, giving a chance for stressed out office workers to relax.

The participants run in their traditional work clothes – men in business suits (jackets and ties) and women in dresses and skirts. With the only exeptin – sport shoes. Even the mayor of Prague, Pavel Bem, is going to compete there.

Ceremonies oversee the races and competitions from a stage situated at Fruit Market (Ovocny trh). From where the moderator calls the runners on their mobile phones and let it go from the speakers, forming favourite part of the event.