Carps being netted – traditional christmas preparation

More than thousand quints of carps and hundred quints of other white fish are being fished out during three days, by fishers from Rybarstvi Trebon, of their one hundred forty hectare breeding pond Ponedrazsky by Lomnice nad Luznici. Yesterday so the biggest fishery in the Republic symbolically initiated the autumn fishing of the big ponds.

Prague also has its fishing ponds; Hamersky, Hloubetin, Pocernice, Reporyje or Liboc. Not only carps ended in the nets – also tenches, amurs, pikes, eels or catfish. All these will be moved into the care of cooks, tho only spared from the ponds are their mascots – albino catfish, which are sometimes kept for good luck. You can’t fight it. Christmas are coming to Prague again.

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