The Metropolis and 90th anniversary of the Republic foundation

The spectacular exhibition was prepared by the Prague Castle, Czechoslovakia was founded exactly 90 years ago and the Castle is exactly the place where the exhibition should be. Those who like music and/or military history and modern art are welcome. The first of the events is the exhibition of Czechoslovak legions in Russia.

The exhibition is made accessible on 10th October in the Old Royal palace. A small part of the photographic collection and documents stored in the central military archive in Prague and in Russian state military archive in Moscow is to be displayed. The material from the military archives will be complemented by samples of hardware used by the legions.

How big the exhibition is? About 800 exhibits, from which is four hundred unique photographs, but also historic weapons and authentic objects.

Czechoslovak legions in Russia 1914-1920
Exhibition at Old Terezian Wing 10 October – 18 January