Bronze paving stones – little Jew monuments in Prague

Anyone, who, starting toady, goes through the Jewish quarter, can bow to the victims of holocaust. Representatives of Jewish Youth Union (the Union) put ten bronze memorial stones to honour those who died in a concentration camp or in a ghetto. Placed gently in pavement they are in front of the houses, where the deported people lived. They are not pompous – the adjective for them would be ordinary.

The Union put ten stones in nine streets. The first stone was laid by the art author Gunter Demnig in Jachymova street. The other ones are in Parizska, Kozi, Tynska or in the street Politickych veznu. The Union count with much more in the future. The whole project was inspired by the similar one in Germany, the idea is the stones should commemorate ordinary folk, not anyone famous or specific.