How Vaclav Havel teared STB tapping microphone

The ex-president described to Mf Dnes the tapping issue.

MF Dnes published an article about tapping of the ex-president Havel, at the time promising dramatist of the Na Zabradli Theatre. The secret communist police STB defined him: “He comes from bourgeois family. His father was during the first republic an owner of big restaurants in Prague”

They started to tap him in 60’s, because Havel was surrounded by young artists disagreeing with the regime. They were meeting in Havel’s flat near to Vltava (It is the yellow house right beside the Dancing house) so the STB decided to put microphones to his flat.

Havel now gave MF Dnes the story – the occupation of Czechoslovakia has changed opinions about Russia of many, including those at the STB. One of them phoned Havel: “Be careful, you have a sniffer at your flat” Havel didn’t know how to get rid of it and not reveal his source, so he made up a trick. He invited an electric technician to put a new chandelier, during installing which they ‘accidentally’ found it.

Havel acted surprised, and called the police. They advised him to tie the microphone, so it couldn’t be pulled out. But the STB officer tried to pull it anyway so hard, a wire with it fell on the floor. Havel with a friend run up the stairs, but the agent was gone – he run away on the roof.

This more or less entertaining story was only a mild display of what horrors awaited Havel in the 70’s. But that is another story.

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