Seaworld at letna finally denited!

After eight years of debates, the plan of building a huge seaworld with sea creatures at the place where giant Stalin statue used to stand, ends. It lost suppot of the Prague City Hall. Resons are mainly aversion of Prague citizens, political parties, and individuals; for example Vaclav Havel stood at the side of citizens. Prague City hall has declared they stopped the project this week.

The petition, under which about 7 thousand people signed, was initiated by the Greens. They celebrate now: “A seaworld in the centre of a city is an absurd project” the semi-chief of the Greens stated. Letna is a place where constructions fail, like in the case of Blob. Most probably it is going to stay the way it is – a peaceful zone of relax. The surrounding area of the Stalin’s place is a training ground for street skaters, a very good one.


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