28 Gambling rooms are going to disappear from Prague

From Prague district of Zizkov and Vinohrady are going to disappear about twenty eight game enterprises. When the Prague City hall agrees with the list of the most problem premises, they will disappear to January 2009. Those playrooms were put on the list because they somehow break the rules, set by the new city public notices, which are set for improving the quality of life in Prague. Among the other points were e.g. ban of public drinking which cleaned notorious places off the strange individuals, and also more limitations of prostitutes movement in Prague streets.

Prague got swarmed with game rooms after the revolution, some of them at prestigious places where a quality restaurant or a club could be, and the new public notice is very aware of it. The first twenty premised didn’t have licence for gaming machines, one was opposite school. The number of gambling rooms at Prague 3 is 131, so there is still quite a lot of them.

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  1. gambling said, Oct 17, 09:44 AM #

    Maybe their are just too many.. to make it profitable anymore.