Road-toll in the centre of Prague will be 50-100 czk

To get rid of those terrible jams in Prague 1 is one of the main points of the Prague City hall. What is a better tool than a toll? To enter the historical centre in a vehicle will be paid for. The representatives have already decided they are going to invest 55 millions czk into preparation phase. Bem himself said “…toll is a means for controlling the car traffic in the center of the city.”

When is the toll going to be established? Probably not in the next year, the most optimistic estimations speak about 2008/2009 turn. The Prague City Hall in present time evaluates what the price of entering the centre should be, but they agree it should move between 50-100 czk, 1,8-3,7 €. Which compared to toll in London which is 8 pounds a day, quite nice.