Pool: Who wants € in Czech Republic?

The message of people under 30, university students, businessman and those, who generally earn more money is: we want to use Euros as fast as possible. That came out of the pool ordered by LN for the GfK agency.

The elder part of the CR and those with lower incomes have quite opposite opinion – they wouldn’t rush to accepting the European currency. Some of them even deprecate Euro, they underline Czech crown strengthening.

Representatives of GfK confirm respondents with lower income and lower social standards are rather afraid of Euro. They are afraid converting to Euro would raise prices. They don’t realise prices in crowns are already higher.

A big influence is also the Czech government, with Vaclav Klaus as the big euro sceptic. The minister of finance Kalousek commented they will reveal the plan for Euro exception no sooner than the next year. So the year 2010 is probably very soon.

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