Representatives of no-close-narodni-metro-station petition met politicians.

The new building construction on Narodni Trida violates the law? Representatives of about 8000 citizen who subscribed under the petition against blocking of the metro station because of the new house Copa Center, with Maj shopping mall, offices, flats, have met with the Prague part mayor Hejma.

Signers demand a new access would be made from Lazarska street. When the station Narodni was build, there was plan for two vestibules, at the time only one was build. The signers demand building the second one so the station wouldn’t have to close. The investors however know it would prolong the construction for at least a year.

The group around the petition are ready to file an action in the case the station would close for the time of construction, which would be at least two years. They also demand Metrostav company would adhere the law and build a barrier-less entrance during the reconstruction.


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