Tutankhamun – Huge exhibition at Brno started

Visitors of the monstrous exhibition Tutankhamun – jeho hrob a poklady (his tomb and treasures) are going to see a real rarity of Egyptian exhibitions – a realistic copy of the hugest archaeologist discovery of the past century.

The scientific team which created the exhibition have worked on it for five years, gathering over 1200 perfect copies Tutankhamun’s treasure. Those copies were made directly in Egypt. Beside gypsum, wood, irons and plastics real gold was used. To exhibit the originals is not possible since the 80’s Egyptian laws.

The exhibition has its screenplay – the idea is to slowly unwrap the treasures for better impression. First, it is necessary to see two short films, the first about Tutankhamun’s family, the second about his finder, Howard Carter, which ends shortly before the unique discovery and the visitor enters the first burial room.

The perfect illusion is said to be breath-taking. Czech city Brno is the second European city where the exhibition went, the next city is Munich.