Industrial palace stricken by fire

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The massive fire which raged in the left wing of Industrial palace at Prague Exhibition Ground have left a wreckage behind, the part of the palace has collapsed in less than hour, leaving only heavily damaged remains of walls. The cause of fire is not known yet.

The large fire started yesterday at about 7 pm. Even when professional police units were at the place in a moment, and firefighter units from various cities surrounding Prague in a few moments later, however they only achieved the fire didn’t spread to the main building, the left wing was down at 8 pm.

In the burned down left wing of the palace had, according to some information, rented spaces a company, which belongs to Jan Kocka, brother of the murdered Vaclav Kocka jr. He was killed last Thursday after baptising ceremony of Jiri Paroubek’s new book. That is another big stroke for Kocka family.

We may ask, how it is possible the hall started to burn that fast, that in 15 minutes there were flames going out of every window. Was the fire set on? Or just an accident?

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