Killing Shooter at Paroubek's Book Party

In the Monach restaurant in the centre of Prague, the son of the keeper of Matejska Fair, the businessman Vaclav Kocka jr. was murdered on 9th October. It happened only a few hours after the leader of CSSD Jiri Paroubek baptized his new book, which translated title would be Czech Republic, Europe and the world by the Eyes of a Social Democrat.

When Paroubek left, the guests continued to party. The shooter Bohumir Duricko sat and drink a few drinks with Kocka. Afterwards, they started to quarrel, witnesses stated it was reportedly about who had more money with him at the moment. What happened after? Duricko claims Kocka attacked him, trying to punch him. As a consequence, he pulled out a weapon and shoot him three times. He would shoot him four times, but the projectile stayed blocked in the breech.

The family of Kocka was heart-broken, the father and keeper of Matejska Fair had to be transported to the hospital. Duricko later said he is afraid of vendetta. At least we know what people are among Paroubek’s friends. Paroubek later tries to disavow from the shooter, but its no use – he financed some CSSD campaigns.


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