Kundera Case – Dirty Work of One Journalist

It all started from one article in Respect magazine. A ‘young explorer’ Adam Hradilek claims, the world famous writer and dramatist Milan Kundera lodged information against his university colleague to the communists. To write such an article about a famous person should be well backed by proofs. The only document Hradilek had was one police form. A form made by the STB, the communist secret police, an organization rotten to the roof. Instead of focusing on getting those STB agents to jail, the person decided to launch the article about Kundera. The article, which was clear it will instantly bring world reaction, and for some people, especially those who are eager to judge anyone the worst way, it will be finally a tool to lynch one of our best writers.

What is now going to happen? Quite probably, now there will be a battle for the truth. Whom are we going to trust? The testimony of historian Pesat, claiming that the informer was Dlask not Kundera, at the basis of discrepancies at the document proving there are large mistakes inside and his research of the matter? Or we are going to believe a document written by the communist police about Kundera being an informer? The second one satisfies the worse instincts, so for most it is satisfying. But they, who happily shout: lets get Kundera now! Are those who at the basis of old injustices make new ones, Kundera is the one who helped the whole nation to get a little more light.


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