CSSD Crushing win in Regional Elections

CSSD smashed ODS in regional elections by the 13:1 rate. The only region where ODS vindicated their position is Prague, the rest is led by the Social Democrats now. The weekend elections confirmed what we knew for a few months – the reforms ODS initiated, the radar matter and in recent weeks the Tlusty-Morava case, the ODS founder president Klaus shouting nonsenses every time he has a chance made their part – ODS have dropped record-breakingly.

On the other hand, CSSD under the iron-fist leading of Paroubek is united as it has never been before. Jiri Paroubek can celebrate his big triumph. They are going openly against the unpopular health charges, and they openly disagree with Klaus. They seem as a party that care more about people needs, than the needs of the country as a whole, so there will be increasing of state benefits and National debt.