Is Bem going to Big league politics?

Prague is the only district, which kept their ODS at lead. The crushing loss which ODS achieved in these regional elections bring the old question back – Is Bem going to work as the Prague Mayor as long as possible, or is he going to change it for the highest Czech politics?

ODS really got a piece of voter’s mind this time. How to get out of the trouble before the parliamentary elections? One solution is clearly visible: to replace Mirek Topolanek in the lead by Pavel Bem.

Meanwhile Prague ODS discuss silently about promoting Bem, Bem himself doesn’t want to talk about it, he has never wanted to. But it is very imaginable that if he challenged Topolanek, at the upcoming ODS meeting, he could get enough votes. Than, the new Prague Mayor would be probably Blazek, with Bem as the ODS leader.