Neo-nazis - Gipsies fight averted by police

The march of right-wing extremists in Litvinov has grown up into a conflict. Two people got hurt in the extreme action, Litvinov during the Saturday afternoon resembled a warzone. Quite a rough encounter of the radicals with the police produced two wounded.

About three hundred extremists gathered at a square, expressing their disagreement with the present political system. The crowd was shouting slogans like “Czechs to Czechs” or “Stop the black racism”. Than the mayor of Litvinov stand out, banned the gathering and ordered them to break up, as the demonstration wasn’t officially authorized.

The situation developed in a predictable way. The neo-nazi groups started to fight the police, broke their cordon and rushed Litvinov to gypsy quarters in smaller packs. Some of them made it there, where a group of gypsys, anti-fascists and left-hand radicals waited for them with clubs and baseball bats. The battle of these groups didn’t take place as the police forces stood between them.

The outcome is one hurt policemen and one hurt extremist.

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