The metropolis still weakened by Hepatitis A

During the last week, another 73 people got infected by Hepatitis A in Prague. At least the number is smaller than the week before, when it 95 got the infection. Now the Prague hygienic station files 584 cases in Prague, which means about 750 people in the whole country. The capital of course continues with anti-epidemic actions. One of them is for example vacations, which were applied to 4000 people so far, according to Prague councilman Pesak.

The infectious wards of Prague hospitals Na Bulovce and Faculty Thomayerova hospital are packed with the infected, the epidemics started at the end of holidays and the sickness still spread. It is still a small epidemic, though, compared to the one in 1985, when there were thousands of infected, at that time from Polish ice-cream. This time, the starters were Russian drug addicts.

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