Reasons why ODS lost the regional elections

1.Topolanek’s governmend got important votes from the turn-coats. This behaviour, which also helped re-election of Klaus, the court labelled as political corruption.

2.The Radar matter was never effectively explained, thanks to propaganda of also Russian secret service the public hate it now, but ODS never took care about it.

3.Political scandals – corruption, abusing of state money, also not able to deal with scandals within the ODS.

4.Delaying of Euro – thanks to it and strong crown have thousands of companies existential troubles.

5.Payments for health service – were introduced withut differences for everyone, again without communicating it effectively

6.Less money for families with kids, less money for the sick. Higher taxes.

7.Topolanek’s public behaviour – even when a good prime minister, he behaves completely arrogant to the public.
Source: denik