The Prague Industrial Palace caught fire from sprays

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The fire which burned the left wing of the Industrial Palace in Prague to the ashes started to spread from one stance. According to the Police, the reason was a few highly flammable sprays in combination with a technical malfunction.

The sprays were made for cleaning a dental plate, made by Pragodent and stored at their stance, close to the wooden lower ceiling. After the fire started a shop widow broke, which brought sudden air and contributed to intensity of the fire.

Investigation of the case still continues, but the fact there were exploded sprays at the base explains a lot – the person who called the fire brigade said that he herd an explosion. The speed by which the fire spread was indeed surprising. The fire brigade, even when they were there in 15 minutes, were happy to save the main building and the right wing.

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