Topolanek taking Fire

He gets criticized by the country marshals who lost their positions. CSSD won crushingly in regional elections by 13:0. Topolanek got from the unshakable position into being taken to go to hell. He is being blamed for the debacle in the regional elections, now also Vaclav Klaus has indirectly kicked him, too. Klaus said: “The voters wanted a change. But I have a bad feeling from the victims of this wish have became the country marshals, who had been doing a good job.”

Topolanek has objected, the country marshals have their piece of responsibility, because they have put through their project of no central campaign, and in the case of many there was hardly any campaign at all.

Beside Topolanek, the most criticized person was Julinek with his health reform. Even when everybody know we do not live in socialism and free health care is utopia, he wasn’t able to communicate it to the people in the way they could accept it, and his arrogance cost ODS a lot.