Vaclav Havel doesn't believe that Kundera would inform against anyone

Last week magazine Respect brought an article informing about Kundera’s alleged informing for the STB communist police. This week, the ex-president Vaclav Havel defends him – according to Havel Milan Kundera is innocent.

“I have a lot of reasons for thinking Kundera didn’t rushed to the station of the State Police to report that there is a spy going for a suitcase with information. I think that it didn’t happen so stupidly and that it wouldn’t.” Havel wrote.

Vaclav Havel also send word to ‘the young historians’ by which he probably thought Adam Hradilek, from whom it started – saying they shouldn’t behave the way their communist predecessors did.

The happenings from the 50’s, when the artificial political processes culminated and people were send for anything to prison, some even to a place of execution, are necessary to be percepted in their historical context, says Havel.

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