The Left Wing of Industrial Palace must be Rebuild in Two Years

The capital city of Prague came with a solution of the Industrial Palace fire with an addition to the contract with Incheba company, who hires the palace. City councilmen have agreed that Incheba is going to build a replica of the Industrial Palace left wing until 30th September 2010 the latest. If Incheba won’t accede to the convention, the city is going to withdraw from the lease contract.

Incheba is the insurer of the Prague Exhibition Ground, so to rebuild the palace should be financed from the policy. If the amount won’t be enough, they will pay the rest. If they won’t agree with it, they can still pass the works to the city. Incheba company has not commented the proposal yet, but there may be even a law-suit, as Incheba has the palace rented from 2001 to 2061.

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