Czech Government Survived Vote of no confidence

Paroubek doesn’t have enough votes to invalidate the government, which also agreed on the state budget. However, the prime minister Topolanek doesn’t have parliamentary majority anymore. Topolanek must feel double stimulated now. When his position is weakened after the debacle in regional elections. It appears CSSD don’t have the 101 necessary votes in the parliament.

Jiri Paroubek labelled it as a ‘terrible moral strike for the coalition’. According to him it is not possible that a government with such a weak mandate would organize the EU chairmanship. And Topolanek? He says that they are in front of a fundamental discussion about what they are going to make in the rest of their functional period, and where they made the mistake.

The prime minister denied Paroubek’s appeal for his resignation with the comment, that “If the chairman of CSSD should lay down every time he loses an elections, he would still owe me a few of them” hinting at the fact this was the first CSSD victory.

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